Parting Glances: Detroit’s Black History Month Celeb

By Charles Alexander  When Detroit-born, Cass Tech graduate Bernard Johnson died, age 60 in 1997, the New York Times carried a quarter-page obit celebrating his life as "a Renaissance man in dance." Little bigger than a metronome minute - at 5-foot-4 - he started dancing at age 11. We became friends during our CT senior … Continue reading Parting Glances: Detroit’s Black History Month Celeb


Caregiving & LGBT Concerns Guide

Caregiving & LGBT Concerns in Michigan is a guide for caregivers in the Great Lakes State who are caring for an LGBT older adult. Understanding the unique circumstances LGBT individuals face and/or may be concerned about is crucial to provide a safe, supportive space as a caregiver.  View complete guide: https://lgbtolderadults.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/caregiving-and-lgbt-concerns-guide.pdf In addition to helpful facts … Continue reading Caregiving & LGBT Concerns Guide


Do You Know What SAGE Stands For?

Get an increased understanding of SAGE Metro Detroit's mission in southeast Michigan.  Objectives: Use statistical information to highlight older adult LGBT issues in the surrounding southeast Michigan area. Identify useful tips in providing health care services to our LGBT population. Increase the knowledge base of participants in common terms and expressions when dealing with LGBT … Continue reading Do You Know What SAGE Stands For?